Me and Chai


I was injured at work in December of 2016, and the following March we learned the injury was more severe than originally thought. I’ve been stuck at home from work since then, and the loneliness caused a deep depression. I did a lot of research about depression due to chronic pain, and there was a recurring theme of people with back injuries getting rats, and the rats being very therapeutic to their conditions.

When I was in the 7th grade, my science class had two female albino rats, and I fell in absolute love with them. I would often visit them between classes, and before and after school. I had wanted rats as pets since then, but had never actually gone out and gotten any.

So after reading about so many people suffering through the same issues as me finding success with rats as companions, it was a really easy decision to get set up, and get rats of my own. And that’s how I ended up Raising Mischief.