Baby Watch: Three Weeks Old

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The babies are ranging in weight from 43 grams to 51 grams, averaging about 47 grams. At this point, they’re whole, tiny rats. Ron is starting to grow testicles, and you can’t hardly see the girls’ nipples through their fur on their bellies anymore.

They have all moved out of Numinex Memorial Hospital, and into the adult girls’ cage. The other girls have taken to them with no problem, and welcomed them into their home. This week, Ron will be having some neutral introductions with the boys so they can start becoming familiar with each other, and after they’ve met and played together outside the cage a few times, they’ll start having some play time in the boys’ cage. This way, when Ron is able to leave his mom next week, there should be no stress in moving into his new home.

Lily and Luna, and Maggie and Potter have already found new homes as well, and will be ready to move in with their new mommies in about a week as well. All of the babies are active, social, and friendly, and they’ll all make loving pets. I couldn’t be more proud.


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