Baby Watch: Two Weeks Old

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The smallest baby is 27 grams, and the largest is 33 grams, but the average is very clearly 30 grams at this point. Their eyes started opening today, only one hasn’t opened them up yet, but I expect they’ll be open before the day is over. Now that they can see and hear, they’ll start crawling around more and exploring their surroundings, and in the next couple days they’ll start playing and becoming more active. Their personalities will come through more now, and we’ll be able to really get to know them.

Their sex becomes much more apparent now as well. We didn’t end up with much variety in that department: five girls and one boy. Right around the two week mark, females will start developing nipples, which is by far the easiest way to tell the difference between males and females. Males don’t have nipples. Besides this feature, the distance between the anus and the genitals will be further for males than for females, allowing space for testicles to develop.


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