(re) Introducing: Jinx

After a whole lot of debating, and what ifs, and going through all the scenarios, we’ve decided that even if she’s pregnant and has a litter of 25 little babies, we can’t bring her back and trade her for someone else. So we’ve decided to keep her. We’ve also decided that Da Vinci is simply not the name for her. So we’ve changed it to Jinx.

She’s the one who charmed us into taking four rats. Shes the one who’s now charming us into a whole second cage setup, and additional females to keep her company. She’s even possibly jinxing us with a litter of pups. We’ll see. But Jinx seems to fit her pretty well.

She’s here to stay.

Jinx was born around March 13th, 2017 and was the first rat we fell in love with. When we went to the reptile store, she was the first rat that we saw. She climbed right out of the box and into the sleeve of my shirt, where she hung out the entire time we were rat shopping.

Jinx was originally named Da Vinci for her adventurous and inventive spirit.

Jinx is a variegated grey blaze dumbo with an absolute zeal for life. She is the friendliest and most social of the mischief, and enjoys being handled by anyone. She was the first to learn her name, as well as some basic commands such as no, down, and up.


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