I’ve been laid up on the couch for almost two months now after injuring my back, and we’ve been talking for most of that time about getting a few rats to keep me company and pass the time while I’m unable to do anything. We’ve done a lot of dreaming, and researching, and reading up on what we need to get for rats, and how to care for them. I’ve learned about different kinds of rats, and what kinds of rats I would want to get. But it’s really just been all dreaming.

Until today.

Today we went to the pet store to look around at supplies, and we found a cage that we had been looking at online. The price was a little higher than I could get it online, but no shipping and no waiting would be involved, so we decided we’d seriously consider it. Our plan was to head to another pet shop and see what they had available as well, but we stopped at the counter on the way out first to ask the clerk some questions.

Turns out he had some rats of his own at home, and he started talking about what he had gotten for them. He started talking about cage recommendations, and was telling me that they could match their online prices for the cage we were looking at, which ended up dropping the price by 25%. And we were sold.

So now we have a rat cage!

We came home and evaluated our living space, and decided on the perfect place to set the cage up. The clerk also had a suggestion on a place to get some dumbos, so tomorrow we’ll head out and take a look, and maybe we’ll even bring some home!


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